Point of Woods CT Sewage
News - September 2007

WPCA Newsletter

From the Chairman

Welcome to the first issue of the WPCA monthly newsletter.
The newsletter is part of the WPCA’s communication plan which includes regularly updated FAQ’s and a monthly newsletter. As we enter into a time of greater activity for our water and sewer project, the WPCA members and I are committed to keeping you informed of our progress. Included with this newsletter are FAQ’s.

While we have mailed this newsletter, future editions and updated FAQ’s will be available by clicking on WPCA on the POW website, www.powbeach.net. If you would like to receive a copy in the mail please notify Bill Pape if you have not already done so, PO Box 186, South Lyme, CT 06376.

Please feel free to contact the WPCA with your questions at any time or to attend WPCA meetings. Contact information, meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and communication documents are available through the WPCA link on the POW website.

Have a great fall and winter season.
Bill Lacourciere


Progress Update

As noted in Bill Lacourciere’s recent letter dated 8/6/07 we continue to make progress with obtaining funding, refining our plans and working to reduce costs. The project design is on schedule and we conducted a review at the 60% mark, in August. The design added two pumping stations and reduced the number of grinder pumps required resulting in a savings of $800,000. We will be taking more borings during the off season to refine both the plan and cost estimates. We expect to break ground next spring.


New Developments

Benefit Assessment

Workshops were held throughout the summer. Attendance was very good and the WPCA heard varied and valuable feed back from our Association members. We continue to work on all pieces of determining benefit assessment including speaking with appraisers regarding the value received from the sewer and water project, seeking counsel from attorneys familiar with benefit assessment, reviewing assessment methods in similar communities and a legal review of assessment challenges in these communities. We remain committed to a benefit assessment that is both defensible and fair for our community. The final Benefit Assessment workshop will be held on September 7th at 7:00 at the Old Lyme Library.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a process where an independent engineering firm reviews the plans and design of the project engineer. The DEP requires such a review for sewer projects of over $10 million. Because our project will be in the $9 million range, for sewers, the DEP is not requiring us to conduct such a review. However, the WPCA has considered the benefits of a similar review and has decided to hire an independent firm to review our plans and cost estimates. In addition to agreeing that this is a prudent step in our process, we feel that our community will gain comfort from such a review.

New WPCA Member

Jack Harney is a new appointee to the WPCA. He has been a resident on Hillcrest Road for 6 years. He is a civil engineer with over 20 years of experience with large projects. We are delighted to have the benefit of his expertise at this critical point in our project.