Point of Woods CT Sewage
News - November 2008

WPCA Newsletter

From the Chairman

The Water and Sewer project is now into the construction phase of the project. Paganelli Construction is currently working on the Rte 156 part of the project and we expect that they will be working within Point O’Woods sporadically this month and full speed in December.

As you all know, this is a major construction project and will require continued dedication on the part of the WPCA and the Board. As we move into the full construction phase I ask for your patience and understanding. We will make every effort to complete the project as quickly as possible and with the least disruption. However, we can all expect that our lives at POW will be more difficult than we are accustomed. I hope that we can all maintain our good humor throughout.

It has become increasingly critical to receive the easement agreements back from the property owners that have grinder pumps on their property. The WPCA has sent out notification and paperwork to all of the affected property owners. We need to resolve these easement issues in order for the project to continue without interruption. Any questions regarding the easements or paperwork associated with them should be directed to our counsel, Norb Church. He can be reached at (230)562-0300. Thank you for everyone’s help in advance.

The newsletter will be distributed monthly, and along with updated FAQ’s, will be available by clicking on WPCA on the POW website, www.powbeach.net and the WPCA website, www.point-o-woodswpca.com. If you would like to receive a copy in the mail please notify Bill Pape if you have not already done so, PO Box 186, South Lyme, CT 06376.

Please feel free to contact the WPCA with your questions at any time or to attend WPCA meetings. Contact information, meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and communication documents are available through the WPCA link on the POW website.



Progress Update

The progress of the project will be updated monthly on the website. We are working with the website maintainers to make the progress maps as accurate/legible as possible. It may be necessary to enlarge the image on the website to understand it fully. We will also be installing an additional bulletin board adjacent to the existing one at the boardwalk. This should be installed in the coming weeks. We will post the progress drawings on the bulletin board monthly. Please contact Doug Hill or Jack Harney if you have questions regarding the progress of the project.
Doug’s cell phone number is (860)558-8669, and Jack’s contact information is on the website.



Paganelli Construction continues to use Anderson Park to store their equipment and to house their administration trailers. In addition, RFP engineering will have an office at 230 Shore Road in the South Shore Landing development. The office number there is (860)434-5638.

Paganelli continues to make excellent progress on the project. They will complete the East Lyme portion of the project this month. The force main in Route 156 will continue to be installed during November and into December. The availability of asphalt will be the limiting factor in the ability of Paganelli to complete the work in Route 156.

While working on 156 there are heavy traffic time frames when the state of Connecticut will not allow Paganelli to work on the highway. During those times he will be working inside POW. Paganelli will start working on Connecticut Rd. working from the pump house (maintenance garage) towards Massachusetts Rd. As we get into December the work inside POW will increase in scope and the schedule will be updated in the December newsletter.

Doug Hill, RFP’s engineer, will be on site during the construction project. Please feel free to contact him with your questions. We ask that you direct all questions to Doug, including those for Paganelli. Doug will serve as the interface with Paganelli. Please do not contact Paganelli directly. In case of emergency Doug can be reached at (860)558-8669(cell).