Point of Woods CT Sewage
News - June 2008

WPCA Newsletter

From the Chairman

We continue to make progress on the water and sewer project.  At present, we expect that construction will begin within 2-3 months. If construction begins before Labor Day, as we have noted in the past, construction will take place outside of the beach property.

We have finalized the East Lyme Agreement.

The grant and loan agreements with the DEP and DPH have been completed and signed by the WPCA and by the Association president. They were delivered to Bond Counsel they will be reviewed by the State’s Attorney General and returned to us for a formal closing.  Following the closing the Association will sign an Interim Funding Obligation and construction can begin.  All that should take no more than 3-4 weeks.

There is one more permit required to begin construction and that’s zoning approval by Old Lyme.  A public hearing on our zoning application was held on June 16 and the hearing was then closed.  The commission meets again on July 14th and we hope to get approval at that time.

The newsletter will be distributed monthly, and along with updated FAQ’s, will be available by clicking on WPCA on the POW website, www.powbeach.net and the WPCA website, www.point-o-woodswpca.com. If you would like to receive a copy in the mail please notify Bill Pape if you have not already done so, PO Box 186, South Lyme, CT 06376.

Please feel free to contact the WPCA with your questions at any time or to attend WPCA meetings. Contact information, meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and communication documents are available through the WPCA link on the POW website.

Bill Lacourciere

Progress Update

We have provided detailed updates at the May 23rd Special hearing and at the Point O’Woods Annual Meeting. If you were unable

  • to attend and would like copies of the handouts from the meetings, please visit the WPCA website or notify Bill Pape.  The addresses for both are noted above.

Highlights of the updates include:

    • We have approval for our State funding which will provide a 20 year, 2% loan for 75% of the sewer project and 100% of the water project. The remaining 25% of the sewer project will be funded by a grant from the State which does not require repayment.
    • We have received a favorable bid for the construction of the project.  The construction cost per household is now estimated at $17,500, a considerable reduction from the $24,000 we had expected. Other costs are outlined in detail in the meeting handouts.


As mentioned above, we have received approval for funding from the DEP Clean Water Fund for sewers and the Department of Public Health Drinking Water funding for water.


We continue to anticipate that there will be little construction within POW during this season.  Over the summer you will be contacted to determine where you would like your connection to be located.  If you have not already done so, and are going to receive a grinder pump, you will be contacted shortly to help in determining its best location.