Point of Woods CT Sewage
News - December 2007

WPCA Newsletter

From the Chairman

We continue to make progress on the water and sewer project. At present, we are still projecting to be on schedule.

We are making progress with East Lyme and have reached agreement on most of terms of our agreement.

The newsletter will be distributed monthly, and along with updated FAQ’s, will be available by clicking on WPCA on the POW website, www.powbeach.net and the WPCA website, www.point-o-woods.com. If you would like to receive a copy in the mail please notify Bill Pape if you have not already done so, PO Box 186, South Lyme, CT 06376.

Please feel free to contact the WPCA with your questions at any time or to attend WPCA meetings. Contact information, meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and communication documents are available through the WPCA link on the POW website.

Have a great winter season.
Bill Lacourciere

Progress Update

We held a joint WPCA/BOG meeting on 10/12 to discuss our progress, answer the Board’s questions and review the time line for the project. Our engineer reported that the surveys and second round of borings are complete. The additional borings were done to refine the estimates on the extent of bedrock within POW. The tests revealed no surprises.

The project design is complete and is within the range of $10-10.5 million, as expected down from the $12.8 million approved by association members. We expect to request bids in January and are still on track to start the project in the late Spring.

The DEP has received funding from the State and our project is on the fundable list.


New Developments

Benefit Assessment

We have hired the appraisal firm of Kerin Fazio to evaluate the expected increase in property values from the water and sewer project. We received a verbal report at the November 30th meeting and will receive the final report at the December 14th meeting. The verbal report indicated that the value gained from the implementation of sewers and water will provide a minimum of $50.000 in increased property value. His report was based on the opinion letter from our Attorney, Norb Church, who stated that it is “reasonably probable" that we can attain year round status after sewers and water if our houses are otherwise up to code.

Following the final review we will determine the benefit assessment method. Our decision will be based on many of the factors we have already reviewed including: the meetings held over the summer, methods used for similar projects and communities, the appraisers report and the financial impact on our members. We intend to choose the method that is most equitable for all of our members. When our decision is made we will communicate the proposed method in writing to everyone.. We still have important analysis to conduct to make a measured and informed decision and will communicate as soon we have completed our work.

Value Engineering

Please refer to the September newsletter for a description of value engineering. We hired the firm of Camp, Dresser and McKee to perform a value engineering assessment of our project. They reviewed the project for viability and efficiency. CDM provided their report at the November 30th meeting. They found the design viable and confirmed the projected cost of the project. The WPCA hired the firm, defined the scope of work and will receive the report. Payment will be made by RFP in order for it to be funded through the DEP loan and grant. This arrangement is purely administrative.