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News - August 2008

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July/August Combined Newsletter

August 14, 2008

Dear Association Member,

I would like to share the status of our water and sewer project with you and seek your assistance and cooperation as we move toward the construction phase of the project.  All major permits, loans and signatures are complete and we are ready to begin construction during the week after Labor Day. We will need to contact you regarding your connections, pre blast surveys, grinder pump placement and easements, when required. In order to ensure that the project in completed on time and within budget, we ask that all Association members respond to our requests for information as quickly as possible.  Due to the largely seasonal nature of our community, it is often difficult to contact property owners.

It is critically important that we have the necessary information to contact you.

Please provide us with your contact information by filling out the form attached to this newsletter and returning it to POW WPCA, PO Box 186, South Lyme, Ct  06376. This information will be used solely to contact you regarding the sewer and water project and POW Association business and will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

I have provided updates on our project below.  As always, feel free to contact me or any WPCA member with your questions and comments.

Summary Highlights:

  • The Loans for the Water and Sewer Project have been approved and signed by all parties.
  • We have received zoning approval from the Town of Old Lyme
  • The East Lyme Agreement has been signed by all parties
  • All other permits and necessary approvals have been received
  • We expect to break ground on the week after Labor Day
  • It is now critically important that we be able to contact all property owners during the project and that property owners respond quickly to questions from the WPCA, our Engineers and Contractor regarding your property.

Project Cost per Unit (property)

Based on the construction contract, we have estimated a cost per unit as outlined below:

  • Total cost per unit per year range is $1,163-1,233 broken down as follows:


  • Assumes 428 units
  • Total cost range, to property owners after grants, should be in the range of: $7,273,997-7,773,997, or $17,000 to $18,163 per unit
  • Based on the above cost, expected cost range per unit is $1,019-1,089 per year, including 2% interest over a 20 year period.
  • East Lyme capacity will be a one time charge of $1,026,000. At 2% interest over 20 years the cost for permanent capacity will be an additional $2,397 per unit including interest which will translate to an additional $144 per year when the capacity is accessed.

User Fees:

Annual user fees are based on estimated usage and are outlined below assuming an equal cost per unit.  The WPCA has not yet determined the method for allocating usage fees and will do so over the next few months.  The WPCA will consider the impact of seasonal and year round use. We will strive to create a fair method of allocation.

  • Assumes $5 per 1,000 gallons per day
  • Estimated charges are based on an annual average flow per day. 30,000 gallons is the likely approximation translating to approximately $50,000 per year to the Association. Our actual usage could be higher or lower.
  • If divided equally, based on the usage shown above, the average cost per unit would be approximately $128 per year, approximately equal to the present annual cost to pump our septic systems.
  • Maintenance is expected to be approximately $10-20 per year per unit.


Repayment Process:

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate that the project will be complete in the Spring of 2010.  Our interim funding expires on June 30, 2011. The funding agreement requires that we have a 2 month financial reserve throughout the project. Repayment m must begin no later than December 31, 2011.  At that time we will be required to make a first payment equal to 1/20th of the total obligation. Thereafter, monthly payments will be required.  Based on these requirements, we plan to levy the first benefit assessment during the summer of 2010.


We expect that construction will begin the week after Labor Day. Communication regarding the project will be done regularly.  We will post time lines, activity and other pertinent information on the WPCA website at www.point-o-woodswpca.com and on a special bulletin board at a location to be determined. Equally important is the need to communicate with individual property owners. The need for communication includes:

  • Pre blast surveys for those effected
  • Grinder pump location and easements
  • Placement of laterals
  • Special circumstances as they arise

All blasting will be done in the winter months.  It is critically important for your own protection that you arrange for a pre blast survey prior to leaving for the season.

We are working with the contractor to arrange for laterals to be installed as the project progresses. Using the same contractor provides the following benefits:

  • A lower price per property than could be negotiated individually
  • A contractor who is familiar with the project who is bonded, insured, and has a blasting permit for all of POW. Each new contractor will need to arrange for blasting permits on a property by property basis. No need to find a contractor and negotiating separately for your job.
  • A contractor who understands the system and will install each system properly
  • A contractor who will restore each property as he finds it including decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways etc.
  • It alleviates concerns about liability for damages on nearby property which may result form the job.  Paganelli carries liability insurance for the entire Association.
  • All connections will be made DURING THE PROJECT. Otherwise the construction period may extend for several years while everyone secures their own contractor and schedules their dates.
  • The contractor will not allow any other contractors making connections until he is complete because of his liability.

 We will contact you as soon as the contractor has given us pricing and we can convey to you what the costs will be. We will need a quick commitment from each property owner as the laterals will be installed in tandem with the main lines.

Pending Actions:

The WPCA will be working on the following decisions and issues over the next few months:

  • Requirements to connect
  • Benefit assessment rules
  • Easements as required

As noted above, we have cleared all of the hurdles to our project.  We are ready to begin construction and hope to complete it well ahead of schedule. We need your help in providing us contact information.  Please fill out the attached form and mail it to the WPCA. 

Bill Lacourciere

Click here to download the property information form.