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Water Pollution Control Authority Annual Report 2017

During 2014, the Town of East Lyme informed the WPCA that sewage arriving at their treatment facility was consistently testing at unsafe levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. (rotten egg smell) Federal E.P.A guidelines require that all municipalities take steps to remediate any hydrogen sulfide levels above 5 parts per million. During 2015 and 16, the Point O Woods waste tested between 140 & 220 ppm. These levels are very toxic to humans. In early 2016 East Lyme informed us, steps must be taken immediately to meet the Fed standards.

We consulted with the DEP & a private engineering firm to review our options. Once the data was evaluated, we considered solutions. It was decided that the best treatment would be to use the same process as East Lyme & Waterford. They use a chemical called Bioxide. Working with the town of East Lyme and negotiating terms with Evoqua Water Technologies, the treatment system was installed in Nov 2016.

Based on our initial findings from Jan to mid April 2017, we have added $15,000 to our budget for Bioxide The user fee increase of $30 is attributed soley to that new & necessary expense.

Our sewer system is into its 7th year of operation. We have managed to keep most expenses within the allocated budget numbers. We did have a substantial increase in unplanned maintenance this year. We had repairs to the Boat basin back up generator and one of the main pumps at Stanhope needed replacement.

I’d like to thank our part time techs Rick Frascarelli and Tom Creten. Their ability to handle a high percentage of emergency calls is a huge savings to us. All WPCA board members work diligently to resolve various issues that occur. We are very fortunate to have knowledgeable & dedicated people managing our sewer system that serves 425 homes in Point O’ Woods.

In closing, I want to remind you again this year to inform your family, friends, and tenants to abide by the “DO NOT FLUSH” memo. We have found diapers, flannel rags, all types of wipes and sanitary products in our system. These items will damage your grinder pump. This will result in an expense to the home owner that can exceed $2000 dollars. These items also cause issues at our pumping stations that increase our maintenance and repair costs. Only human waste, toilet paper and gray water should be disposed in the sewer system.

Thank you.

Rich Ramondetta
POW WPCA chairman

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