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Water Pollution Control Authority 2014-2015 Report

The Point 0' Woods WPCA has two important functions: to repay the state loan according to schedule set by the state, and to see that the sewer system functions smoothly without cause.

Financially we are on target with our payments to the state. I want to thank all the residents for staying current with their semi- annual Benefit Assessment payments. Property owners who have paid their Benefit Assessment in full enabled us to apply the excess revenue to the loan. The WPCA paid down the sewer loan by more than two million dollars.

The WPCA was advised by maintenance to prepare ahead for uncertain malfunctions as the system ages. The WPCA board approved the purchase of two motor pumps for both of the smaller pumping stations. These were costly but wisely necessary by having them available for immediate use.

Our Reserve Fund is solvent. Not knowing what may transpire in the future we hope to continue to bring it to a comfortable level.

The User Fee Budget enables the WPCA to pay its operating expenses. We thank the property owners for their prompt annual payment. This past year we encountered a number of problems primarily with the grinder pumps.

Most of the problems could have been prevented if "The Do Not Flush and Winterizing Procedures" were followed. We are working with the manufacturer, the supplier, and the electrical contractor to see if there is something that can be done to remedy these problems. We are now on a yearly schedule to pump out the three wet wells. We completed a check of the flow and detected a problem. This too has now been taken care of. In addition the WPCA is now paying its share of the cost of the municipal audit. These are expenses we were not aware of five years ago when we put the first user budget together.

The 2015-2016 Budget has an increase of twenty dollars a year per property owner. Your fee will now be three hundred twenty dollars. The five exempt property owners will a five dollar increase. Their fee will now be sixty-five dollars. This increase in needed because of the additional unplanned maintenance and problems that occurred this past year.

I would like to thank the board members, secretary, treasurer, engineer and our attorney for their time and hard work.

Wayne Blair and I will be retiring this month. Wayne has been with the WPCA for five years. He has been an outstanding asset and he will be greatly missed. I have truly enjoyed working with many great people over the last eight years. Thank you to all.

Dave Tousignant , Chairman

Rich Ramondetta Vice Chairman, Members Dick Hrinak, Bud Phelps, Bill Griffin, Ken Russell
Bill Pape Secretary, Wayne Blair Engineer, Norbert Church Attorney, and Rita Sulick Treasurer

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